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I write, I draw, I like ignoring the laws of reality. Don't mind me.

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WARNING: This blog is VERY NSFW.
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While I fix up this blog, I would like anyone interested in a macro/micro kink to recommend me some blogs, and they could be RP blogs, or art blogs, or both. I’ll follow any blog that posts homestuck macro/micro giantess related material, and I hope to share what I can with those who share this interest. For now, I am looking for those who have these kinds of blogs, so if you do, please like or reblog this (reblogging would be nice b/c promo c:)

I’ve drawn enough giantess stuff to throw my hand here (it’s the #giantesstuck tag). Also, one of the likes is from my SFW art blog and doesn’t have any HS fanart so ignore that one.

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sciddizdszghfffffic replied to your post: I’m starting to believe that despite t…

What version of windows? I would be glad to help if I can.

It’s Windows 7, and the issue involves a buggy explorer.exe. I’m just going to ignore it for now, though - I’m working on some stuff.

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I’m starting to believe that despite the extra work and the inferior hardware it’s installed on this Arch setup is a lot more stable than the Windows installation on the desktop.

At least when something goes wrong on Arch I know how to fix it. Working with Windows feels like I’m praying to the gods in hope that this next thing-I-don’t-know-what-it-does fixes whatever ails it.

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Sheesh, I turn on the PC after a couple days in a storm and suddenly I have to deal with a bunch of issues.

I just want to be able to start this thing normally and get back to business, but nope. Have to restart a bunch of times just to fix some errors and crap.

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Looks like the weather will be stable again tomorrow (one last bit of lightning later in the night but that’s it). I’ll be able to turn on the desktop pc then (it shuts down too slow for me to safely be able to disconnect everything during emergencies so I’m using the laptop until then).

Good thing, too, ‘cause I don’t have either of the two chat clients I use downloaded onto the laptop. Skype was on purpose - I’m trying to keep this thing lightweight and the thing’s a memory hog - but if I’d streamed a couple days ago like I planned then I’d at least have Trillian in this laptop (Linux beta’s only accessible to those with Pro accounts and won’t be free until it’s the actual release version).

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A thing I realized yesterday: Since the laptop has an SD card slot I can now add music to my 3DS. This made the lightning a million times more bearable.

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~ Anonymous

…Why are you sending me the thing you see on top of crucifixes?

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naked and greyscale replied to your post: I keep seeing posts from other artists…

I didn’t know about the making it a 6th tag thing. I kinda figured when I saw all your “filler tags” and what not. I usually just do nsfw// but idk if that even works the way I think it does. all I know is I haven’t had any spam blogs in a long time.

That also works, methinks, as does adding a hyphen. I forget if clicking on it still works as a search tag in blogs, though (doesn’t work with hyphens, at least). But as long as it’s not searchable through Tumblr’s search engine (either with a hyphen or because it’s on the sixth-and-on place) then it’s mission accomplished.

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I keep seeing posts from other artists saying how they don’t plan on tagging anything NSFW again due to the rise in spam blogs.

Understandable reason, yeah, but in case you want to keep tagging them NSFW, a tip: Make it the sixth tag or further. They’ll ignore those.

I’ve drawn stuff with enough kinks that keeping the tag for last is enough (and I usually add filler tags when I don’t - just putting a hyphen somewhere in it makes it unsearchable), but I understand if it’s too much trouble for some people. Still, putting this out there just in case.

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I probably wouldn’t complain much if all the KDE processes ended whenever I closed Krita, but nope. They still run in the background and have to be manually killed via the task manager I’m using (htop).

This is why we try to make our software platform-independent, people.

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